pool maintenance
Before seeking out the best pool maintenance service for you, the first thing you want to do is assess your pool’s specific needs. Its size is also important as a manual pool cleaner usually takes much less time with a smaller pool. There are also several different types of pool service providers from the smaller mom and pops to the multi-million dollar top quality ones like phbalancedpool.com.

One thing to always be aware of is that sometimes pool services will skip accounts altogether in order to avoid having too many cleanings on their books. The reputable ones have drop tickets that indicate what chemicals and equipment that they used to clean your pool along with the condition of your pool and the date and time that they were there.

One common disadvantage with the larger companies is that they tend to have huge turnover rates, hire inexperienced technicians and provide them with a minimal amount of training. Real pool technicians are plumbers, chemists, engineers, etc. with plenty of experience. Always look for someone who is experienced and likes what they do because then they’re more likely to spend the full necessary amount of time to the cleaning.

pool service priceService charges may vary due to changes in gas prices and/or seasons. You should basically be paying the flat rate that you agreed to ahead of time. If any special chemicals were used for your pool specifically, there may be an additional charge attached with this. However, you should not be made to pay extra for any extra normal chemicals that were added.

Repairs are one of the most expensive works of a pool maintenance company. Honest ones receive the parts for less than it would cost you if you were purchasing them upfront. They then mark the price up slightly and also charge you for the labor. However, beware of scamming companies that try to install used parts as you don’t know where these came from and they could cause even more costly damage to your pool.