What Pool Filter Equipment Is Essential for Pool Maintenance

Having a pool requires using a lot of equipment to keep and maintain the pool. This article will discuss the most common equipment that is used in a pool, your pool filter, and what you should look for in that filter equipment.

Pool filters are essential in filtering out the gunk from your pool and keeping it sparkling clean. There are three basic types of pool filters that are commonly used, sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters. Different parts of the world have different preferences but most consider DE filters to be the highest quality and best at killing insects and removing them from the pool.

sand filterSome people prefer sand filters as they work by using sand to remove the big particles and backwashing water out of the sand to clean it out. When the sand is dirty it is thrown away and these filters require some manual labor. Cartridges are some of the most popular filter options out there as they are easy to maintain and require little effort to do so. They simply have to be washed out twice a year with hose water. However, cartridge filters will not remove all of the small particles that DE filters do and are more expensive than sand filters.

DE filters provide for the cleanest pool and contain microscopic diatomaceous earth on the filter which removes even the tiniest particles from your pool. The diatomaceous earth is embedded on the filter screen and will remove even the tiniest particles from the water in your pool and serve as a way of removing insects. While these are efficient and effective they are often more expensive than the other types of pool filters mentioned in this article.

Beyond the type of pool filter that you choose, other factors go into how successful the pool filter that you have is. One of those factors is the size of the filter and this should be kept in mind just as much as filter type when you are buying one.